I came to learn about this precious organization from a conversation with a friend. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and walked by faith into one of “THE BEST” assets the City of Arlington has to offer. I discovered a new confidence in myself that I did not think I had anymore. I allowed myself to renew my zeal for learning again.

What I enjoyed most of all was our Bible study class. It allowed all of the women from different walks of life to study God’s word together and open our minds to see just how much more we are alike than different. I plan to pursue employment in the area of human resources with the training I have received at CWJC. I am proud of my accomplishments, especially at this time in my life, and will be forever grateful for the opportunity that Christian Women's Job Corps afforded me.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I was tired of feeling stuck, so I reached out to Arlington Urban Ministries, and they pointed me to CWJC. I stalled…..and stalled…and stalled until at the last minute I decided to go through orientation. A voice in my head said, “you can’t do this, it’s too long of a program”. At that moment, I realized that little voice in my head was fear, denial, and lack of self-confidence. I realized I had to let go of these three things.

Since joining Christian Women's Job Corps I have learned so much! This is a powerful program that equips women in more ways than imaginable. I have learned time management skills, how to set boundaries and lots of computer skills. One of the best features this program offers is the journey partners. It is so nice to have a person beside you during this journey. My dream is to open a pet resort and I believe now that dream could become a reality.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I came to Christian Women's Job Corps with a broken spirit and no plan for how to change that or if change was even possible at my age. I missed my kids being at home, my empty nest was hard. The kids were grown, I lost my lucrative job, and I felt lost.

While at CWJC I realized I still had the potential for real change. This organization is a spirit-filled program, with wonderful curriculum, and volunteers, who blessed me immeasurably. They helped me fight the “giants” that stood between me and Gods plan for my life. This has been a true journey of transformation!
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I was in a dark place when I learned about Christian Women's Job Corps. I was living each day but not really living my life. I was drowning in my own negative thoughts about my life. CWJC gave me life! Learning to use the computer has been one of my dreams and has been so meaningful moving forward in my life. I want to thank the teachers for giving their time to teach each week. I appreciate their kindness and patience when teaching.

Something especially meaningful to me while in this program was making true friendships. The friends I made at CWJC and the teachers who taught me will never truly know how lost I really was, but now I have hope and confidence in myself! I am excited to continue on this journey of life with my head up!
Graduate, CWJC Arlington