Before I came to CWJC I had zero job skills, or at least that is what I though. I was encouraged to come to the typing boot camp and during my interview I started crying because my self-worth was so low. I was incredibly grateful to learn I had made it into the program.

My experience at CWJC has been more than I can share. I learned new boundaries, gained time management skills, learned Microsoft Office and actually enjoyed QuickBooks. Every class had meaning, value, and purpose.

We had Bible Study every morning. These ladies poured out their heart and I got to see God show up. I witness love in its purest form. Women encouraging women with no prompting. I know that I will always have a sisterhood of women here at CWJC.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I had just found out I was pregnant with my daughter and I didn't know how I was going to support myself and her. I prayed for a sign as I drove around. I immediately passed a sign for Christian Woman's Job Corps and I thought to myself "is that my sign"? I forgot about it and a few months later it came up again and this time I took action. After my daughter was born I enrolled. During the course I was able to find a better job and everything went up.

I found out that my circumstances are not permanent, they do not define me, and God always knows what I need. Now, I work for a great company and can rely on myself to support myself and my daughter. I will never forget everything I learned and all the people I met at CWJC.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
Before enrolling at CWJC, I was struggling with finding suitable employment. It was starting to negatively affect my self-esteem and put me in crisis mode. While viewing Facebook I saw an advertisement for FREE COMPUTER TRAINING and I called right then.

CWJC changed my life in many ways. It has renewed my faith in mankind, my walk with Jesus has never been stronger, and I believe in myself again! I have already submitted my FAFSA to take additional courses at UTA. I plan to volunteer at CWJC and give back. I am my sisters' keeper!
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I came to CWJC because I really needed a job. I attended a job fair and ran into the CWJC table and decided to sign up for computer classes. It was comforting to know that I had someone walking me through the process of job hunting. CWJC used all their resources and connection to connect me to jobs.

After graduating I am starting a job with the City of Dallas! I know God has everything orchestrated and everything fit together like a puzzle piece. Thank you CWJC for all you have done. Thank you for the free computer classes, clothing, bible study, and creating a safe space for women to come and learn.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington