I would wake up with a broken heart, trying to understand the world around me. I would walk through life with others but feel empty. I had no direction or purpose. I thought CWJC was just a class for computer training but it was SO MUCH MORE! I have gained self worth and confidence. I have learned how to manage my time and organize my day!

CWJC is a place for women to come together to help one another. A place full of love and HOPE! I have felt loved, accepted and worthy! I am so grateful to CWJC for everything it has given me and for the unwavering love of God!
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I came to CWJC because I needed better skills in order to get a better job. I needed to be more marketable! I wanted a place where I could not only learn new things but grow in confidence in my new skills. CWJC was exactly that! I took a class on time management which helped me begin to actually accomplish goals. I learned how to prioritize and not stress over perfections! These are skills I now use DAILY!

I plan to apply for a better job than I have ever had and save to purchase a car! I have more confidence in myself as a women and in who I am that I have ever had! CWJC is an amazing community who cares for everyone who walks through the doors.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
Before joining Christian Women's Job Corps I was job skipping and trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was in a never ending cycle of doubting myself and my skills. I didn't know where to begin and was fearful to move forward. CWJC helped me prioritize my goals and assisted me in getting over my fears. I discovered how to break out of my comfort zone and build confidence in myself.

I attained skills I can apply to my future career choices and confidence in my new skills to back them up. I am praying I can get my first real job with these new skills and eventually go back to school to obtain a Degree in Psychology and Counseling. Thank you CWJC for giving me the strength to believe in myself and faith in myself to pursue my dreams.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington
I was an actively employed citizen and after so many years of employment I never thought I would get the involuntary status of unemployed! I was lost! Not knowing what to do drove me to mention my dilemma to my Sunday School group. Through that encounter I was directed to CWJC. I not only called, but I made the decision to take advantage of their many educational opportunities.

After my classes and training at CWJC, life has a much lighter feel. I have joy in a new HOPE, that is a constant feeling not an occasional fleeting flutter. I am working to go back into the workforce, but this time focusing on giving and assisting those around me.
Graduate, CWJC Arlington