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Your donation allows us to connect more women in the Arlington community with classes and resources which will further their success in the marketplace. All donations are tax-deductible, and go immediately towards class- and building-related resources, designed specifically to help and care for the women who are in our CWJC family.


Tell your friends and family about CWJC, and about the many ways they can be involved! Whether through volunteer hours in the area of their particular passion, or through donation and prayer support, there’s a place for everyone to join in this mission of bringing further education to the under-resourced women in our community!


  • $25 buys 5 Bibles or one case of copy paper.

  • $100 buys a printer toner cartridge or an MS Office textbook.

  • $200 buys a printer for the Computer lab.

  • $500 buys a laptop or a tablet.

CWJC Wishlist

CWJC offers its educational program at no cost to the women who participate. Listed below are a few of the items that are needed as we serve approximately 30 women each semester.

  • Devotional books or prayer journals – at Graduation, each graduate receives a gift bag which includes a devotional book and journal.
  • Blank CDs – at Graduation, each student is given a CD of pictures taken of their classes during the semester.
  • CD sleeves
  • Flash drives
  • Pastel colored copy paper
  • Resume quality copy paper
  • Lightweight card stock – white or cream
  • School supplies – notebook paper, dividers, 3-hole pencil bags, highlighters, etc.
  • Binders – ½”, 1″,1½”
  • 3-brad folders w/pockets
  • Miscellaneous office supplies – folders, labels, etc.
  • Copy paper
  • Heavy duty paper cutter
  • Paper goods – Kleenex, tissue paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.
  • Kitchen staples – coffee, sweetener, sugar, creamer, tea.
  • Scrapbooking paper – to display each semester’s pictures in scrapbooks & on bulletin boards
  • Gas cards – $5 increments
  • Bibles by the case (about $4 per Bible)