"Learning more about the computer and being around other people makes me feel better about myself." - Rosanne, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

"I think CWJC is wonderful in every way. I want to thank the Board and volunteers for everything they do and their time." - April, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

A CWJC graduate is an administrative assistant in my office, and she has been professional, dependable, and organized. The variety and breadth of her experiences before coming to this campus have made her well suited to the various challenges that one faces in a fast-paced office environment in a college setting.” - Michael Cinatl, Chief of Staff, Tarrant County College, Southeast Campus

"CWJC is definitely a blessing to this city and community. My prayer is to continue to be a part of this awesome program after I graduate, giving back by volunteering and maybe even mentoring and/or providing lunches sometime." - Nicole, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

"I lost the concept of myself, if I ever had it at all and now I’m working on that. Since hearing about CWJC, I’ve felt from the get-go that it is a God thing and that God sought me out specifically. CWJC has been and is a great blessing." - Jeanne, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

Nancy has been a bright spot not only within our department but the whole company. She is responsible, efficient, intelligent, and very accurate. She is a very diligent worker who is dedicated to doing a good job and always making sure to complete tasks on or ahead of time. She has shortened our month-end closing time by 79% from what it was before she took over those duties. It is a joy to work with her.” - John Kinnamon, F.L. Malik, Inc.

"All around, hands down, you can’t beat the whole program. Every aspect, every class, every instructor and every fellow student have been nothing short of the biggest blessing to me."
- Laura, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

"You all are amazing, and I really don’t want class to ever end. Keep up the good work and God bless!" - Maria, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

"I have hope today. I have hope that gainful employment is no longer a blessing reserved for someone else. I have hope that maintaining a decent vehicle and a respectable apartment – simple things that so many people take for granted – will finally be mine…but most of all, best of all, I have hope in something event greater than all of this. Something I’ve never seriously had hope in before in my entire life, ever. Today I have hope in myself that I might make it after all."
- Tamra, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

"So many of the benefits this program provides are hard to put into words. I thank God that I was given the opportunity to participate in this class. I also thank all of the volunteers who have provided their time and talents to help all of us. I will always be grateful."
- Joyce, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

"Thank you does not express the gratitude I feel. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all have been a true blessing to me. May God bless you all. Sincerely with love, Tani". 
- Tani, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

“The program has exposed me to people from different walks of life, and this makes me realize how to tackle life in a more positive and courageous manner. CWJC has taught me skills that are necessary for self sufficiency and job readiness. Each of us has or will experience problems in this world at some point, but the decision we make will determine whether we live a BETTER or BITTER life. I live a purposeful life, a life full of hope, thanks to CWJC.”
- Salome, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

” I came to CWJC with little or no skills for today’s job market. I had absolutely no self esteem and very little hope for my future. “What, a little ‘ole 12-week class is going to change my life? Get real!” Yes, get real! It happened to me! My life is completely different, changed for the better. I’ve never been happier with myself or my life. CWJC taught me that no matter where I am, what I am doing, or how good or bad things are, I am never alone! My God is always with me. Now I am holding my head up high.” - Janis, Graduate, CWJC Arlington

An exciting update on Janis!
“I’ll never forget the day Janis called to let me know she had a real badge now, indicating she is a full-time American Eagle employee. She now has health benefits, a 401K, vacation—and a raise. She said all of this would have been impossible without CWJC. Helping Janis get to this point is what CWJC is all about. We are so proud of her!”
- Patricia Meeks, Former Executive Director, CWJC of Greater Arlington