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CWJC/CMJC National Day of Prayer

February 28, 2018 was designated as CWJC/CMJC National Day of Prayer.  Each CWJC/CMJC site was to celebrate that day by bringing participants and volunteers together to pray. 

The theme of the day was “Intentional”.  Being intentional means doing something ‘on purpose’.

From Annie Dillard, “How you spend your days is how you will spend your life.” 

Be intentional as we live, love and pray and serve.

CWJC of Greater Arlington celebrated together with a skit about Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross of Jesus – an illustration of how we are to intentionally serve by carrying the cross of our Lord. 

We talked about intentional prayer - to be effective, to pray with focused purpose, fervent zeal & intense devotion. James 5:16. We issued a challenge to pray for some you may not have prayed for in a while. 

·         Service men & women

·         National, state & city leaders

·         First responders

·         Celebrities/professional athletes

·         Persecuted Christians around the world

·         Those who don’t know Jesus as Savior

The following prayers are sampling of those offered up during our celebration:

·         Service men and women, I pray for you to find God in your heart and continue your great service you provide.  We are thinking of you at this time.  Thank you for your service, and Lord, please keep them safe.

·         Lord, I pray you bless the military men and women and first responders.  They go out gallantly and unselfishly to help a cause or someone specific.  Bless them in their daily lives and rejoice and glorify in your name, Lord.  Amen

·         Dear Heavenly Father, Please keep all the ones who risk their lives on a daily basis for Christ.  Please lift them up.  I pray that God encamps His angels over each and every one of them. Give your angels charge to keep the devil and his evil workers away.  Please cancel the assignment of the enemy off of them, in Jesus Name. 

·         Please give the firefighters, police, Christians and all who serve you, Oh God, the strength to carry on and know that their work will be rewarded.  Bless them all. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I pray, Amen.

·         I pray for the doctors and nurses who watch over our sick.  Watch over our servicepersons the keep us safe 24/7. I pray for the president that he knows all our lives are in his hands; all the decisions he makes are for all.

·         Our Holy Father, We ask you to lay your hand of protection on the millions of Christians around the world who live in fear of persecution and who are in great danger because of their faith in following Jesus.  Amen

·         Dear Jesus, Please protect our servicemen and women as they defend our country. Please keep them healthy and courageous and let them know you are with them.  Please keep our CWJC volunteers healthy and give them strength to continue helping and providing support for the CWJC members.

·         Father, We glorify your Holy name and thank you for who you are in our lives, for your hope and salvation and knowledge that I am nothing without you.  I pray for our leaders in this nation. Give them wisdom in their decisions that must be according to your will and the best for the people.  I thank you for CWJC and the entire organization.  In Jesus Name.



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